FlexiCAM Advanced Control System (ACS)



FlexiCAM’s Advanced Control System (ACS) offers CNC functions for numerous cutting technologies: From 3 to 5-axis routers, plasma and oxyfuel through laser and waterjet cutting. Plotter with oscillating or ultrasonic knife, creasing wheels or dispensers are supported as well.
With FlexiCAM’s control technology through customized adjustments almost any application scenarios are conceivable. Both, cutting and non-cutting methods, can be used.
The FlexiCAM Advanced Control System (ACS) is based on optimized components for drives, CNC, PLC and Motion Control tasks.
These components can be configured to demand for almost any CNC solution. This can be the most demanding multi-channel CNC applications with up to 32 CNC axes, 64 motion axes and cycle times <1ms. The PLC functionality is of course also already integrated.
If required by the task, the FlexiCAM Advanced Control System (ACS) can be adapted to specific applications and technologies.
Integrated Ethernet-based real-time communication between controls, drives and I/O peripherals keeps cabling costs low and significantly less error prone.