FlexiCAM » Software » 2D Cutting Programming – Plasma, laser, water-jet, oxygen and knife cutting

Types of 2D cutting that are programmed in SprutCAM

Laser cutting

Plasma cutting

Waterjet cutting

Knife cutting

Automatic schemes for corner passing

  • In order to avoid incorrect corner cuts on the part, the system has several methods for tool path calculation in the corners. The cutting of the corners can be set automatically or manually, depending on the corner parameters.

Tool axis control at every toolpath point: lead and lean angles

After calculating the toolpath, you can edit the tool vector at each point. It is possible to set the lean and lead angles at any point of the toolpath.

Lean and lead angles can be set manually or automatically using the toolpath optimization map.

It is useful to avoid collisions between machine and parts, and singularities.

Contour cutting sequence optimization according to the lengths of the passes, taking into consideration the inner contours

The contour cutting sequence is determined automatically, taking into consideration the inner contours.

This has to be done in order to avoid the untimely cutting out of a part with uncut parts inside.

The system also provides optimization of the machining sequence taking into account the length of the passes between parts.

Automatic detection of the optimal approach points to the workpiece contour with simultaneous control of the approach and withdrawal from the cut for neighboring parts. The system automatically calculates tool penetration positions, depending on the chosen approach, avoiding inadvertant cutting of neighboring parts.


Often, the machined part will bend due to the thermo treatment and can break when the cutter head is later moved above it. In order to avoid such situations, the traverse moves between cutting start points can be done above the unmachined zones of the sheet. When the function is turned off, the passes will be made following the shortest distance between the points. When the function is turned on, the passes are made in such a way, that the cutter head avoids passing above already cut contours.


The NC code is checked in the machining simulation mode. The cutting simulation assures visual control of the quality of the NC code.