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Cutting and trimming using mill, laser, waterjet, plasma, knife.

SprutCAM supports these types of 5D and 6D cutting

Laser cutting

Plasma cutting

Waterjet cutting

Knife cutting

5D cutting highlights

5-axis cutting machines programming features

Get toolpath instantly

To get the toolpath:

  • Specify the edge on the model;
  • SprutCAM will offer to choose one of the adjoining surfaces to control the tool axis;
  • Select the direction of the tool axis relative to the selected surface: tool tip or flank;
  • Press Run.

SprutCAM works with both the solid model and the mesh model.

Tool axis control at every toolpath point: lead and lean angles

After calculating the toolpath, you can edit the tool vector at each point. It is possible to set the lean and lead angles at any point of the toolpath.

Lean and lead angles can be set manually or automatically using the toolpath optimization map.

It is useful to avoid collisions between machine and parts, and singularities.

Interactive toolpath editing after calculation

Often, the actual part geometry does not match the CAD model.

Therefore, in SprutCAM, the toolpath is converted into a spline and can be edited directly in the interface.

5D cutting demo

6D cutting highlights
6-axis cutting machines and robots programming features.

Additional axis support

SprutCAM supports additional axes. For example, a 6th rotary axis located on the machine table.

6D knife cutting

SprutCAM has a special solution for knife cutting for the knife safety and blade direction control.

What can be configured:

  • toolpath curvature limit when knife turning in the material;
  • the knife can be double-sided: you can cut using either edge of the knife;
  • knife retraction and rotation in the air at sharp toolpath corners.

6D cutting demo

SprutCAM advantages for multi-axis cutting
Streamlined workflow, toopath safety, NC programming at speed

Taking into account machine kinematics

SprutCAM takes into account the machine kinematics with all its limitations accounted for during toolpath calculation.

The simulation is performed in the background immediately after the toolpath is calculated. User can resolve collisions if they occur without needing to switch to simulation mode.

Thus the CNC programming workflow is streamlined and takes much less time, especially for 5-axis machines programming

Automated singularity avoidance

SprutCAM has special singularities controlling parameters which makes both 5 & 6-axis machine programming much easier.