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Advanced Control System (ACS)


FlexiCAM’s Advanced Control System (ACS) offers CNC functions for numerous cutting technologies: From 3 to 5-axis routers, plasma and oxyfuel through laser and waterjet cutting. Plotter with oscillating or ultrasonic knife, creasing wheels or dispensers are supported as well.

With FlexiCAM’s control technology through customized adjustments almost any application scenarios are conceivable. Both, cutting and non-cutting methods, can be used.

The FlexiCAM Advanced Control System (ACS) is based on optimized components for drives, CNC, PLC and Motion Control tasks.
These components can be configured to demand for almost any CNC solution. This can be the most demanding multi-channel CNC applications with up to 32 CNC axes, 64 motion axes and cycle times <1ms. The PLC functionality is of course also already integrated.

If required by the task, the FlexiCAM Advanced Control System (ACS) can be adapted to specific applications and technologies.
Integrated Ethernet-based real-time communication between controls, drives and I/O peripherals keeps cabling costs low and significantly less error prone.

  • RISC processor for high performance computing
  • Large CNC instruction set
  • CNC programming according to DIN 66025
  • Motion function library according to PLCopen®
  • Extremely short cycle times for highly dynamic applications
  • Communication: EtherCAT®, Sercos III, CANopen®
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, RS-232
  • 32 CNC axis with a large instruction set
  • 64 motion axis with extensive motion function library according PLCopen®
  • Motion can be seamlessly combined with CNC functions
  • Extremely fast, robust and easy to wire the realtime I/O system
  • Open architecture, vendor independent and IEC compliant
  • Use of industry standards in programming (CoDeSys, IEC 61131-3, PLCopen®) and interfaces (EtherCAT®, CANopen®, Sercos III) for future-proof automation solutions
  • PLC programming according to IEC 61131-3 (CoDeSys)
  • Look-Ahead to optimize machining speeds
  • Block preparation for processing extremely short NC blocks
  • Feed-forward for compensating following errors
  • Reverse travel and restart on contour
  • Spatial rounding for fast and smooth movements
  • Variable acceleration profiles for changing load conditions
  • Block search for random start in long-running operations
  • Teach-in of axis positions with subsequent data reduction and generating of polynomials
  • Tangential following C-axis for tool orientation at contouring
  • Synchronous axes / gantry axes for saving mechanical drive components
  • Tool management and technology charts
  • Graphical CNC user interface (HMI) for Microsoft Windows
  • Formula interpreter to create mathematically sophisticated part programs
  • Path velocity-dependent output signals for power control, dosing etc.
  • Fast inputs and outputs for immediate response in the NC program
  • Lead pitch correction / backlash compensation to compensate mechanical errors
  • PLC positioning axes (motion axis) in parallel with contour machining (CNC axis)
  • Touch-trigger input for fast data acquisition
  • Multi-channel, simultaneous running of multiple NC programs
  • 3D online spline for processing teach-in contour points in space
  • Coordinate transformation for easy programming
  • 5-axis-transformation (RTCP)
  • Tool slaving in space (6 axes) with consideration of the machine geometry
  • Fast Z-axis following to focus on the workpiece surface
  • 3D axis compensation to compensate for mechanical tolerances
  • Geometry filter to reduce the point density
  • Path velocity-dependent output power control; Depending on requirements as a voltage or PWM signal (e.g. for laser power control, abrasive dosing etc.). The frequency and the relationship between pulse and pause are dynamically adjusted depending on the cuttingspeed.
  • Measurement and compensation of the surface of the cutting table or the material surface
  • Automatic workpiece position detection and correction
  • Automatic Z-height adjustment, for example, automatic measuring and correction on the Z-axis, depending on the plate thickness
  • Tool radius compensation
  • Intuitive user interface (HMI)
  • Shop floor programming under Microsoft Windows
  • All major import formats are available
  • Connection to virtually all major CAD / CAM systems possible
  • Tool management: The integrated automatic tool management is designed for 255 tools. The function “Sistertool” ensures that the system changes automatically to an alternate tool once a tool is considered defective or missing.
  • Automatic tool breakage detection after each tool change for unmanned machining
  • All system parameters can be stored on SD card for a quick and easy hardware replacement
  • Robust, long-term available components
  • Numerous cutting- and technology-specific special functions
  • Support of various laser manufacturers and models, for example, fiber lasers, CO2 lasers etc.
  • Speed-dependent laser power control, analogue and pulse width modulated (PWM)
  • Control of laser cutting heads of various manufacturers such as Precitec, LaserMech, American Laser Enterprises etc.
  • Control of waterjet high pressure pumps such as KMT, BHDT, Hammelmann etc.
  • Configurable abrasive dosing
  • Various height sensing procedures and interfaces
  • Connection to plasma sources and gas consoles of Kjellberg, Hypertherm, Victor (Thermadyne), other power sources on request
  • CNC-integrated dynamic torch Z-height control (THC)
  • Alternatively, control of external height controls, e.g. IHT
  • Control of bevel aggregates of different kinematics, also oxyfuel bevel cutting with lateral adjustment
  • Full 3D machining, e.g. bevel cutting of profiles such as rectangular tubes, I-beams etc.
  • Combination with other technologies such as drilling, tapping, marking or labeling
  • Programmable head and technology change
  • Automatic work piece position detection and correction
  • Forward and backward on the contour, any restart of the processing
  • Memory of last position, e.g. during power failure
  • Programmable position / spacing of multiple cutting heads by using belt/clamps or individual servo drives

FlexiCAM’s Advanced Control System (ACS) features a large range of digital AC servo systems consisting of compact, high-torque servo motors and servo amplifiers.


  • Digital AC servo drives and motors for highly dynamic machine axes with high control quality in a wide capacity range
  • High resolution 17bit absolute encoder for excellent surface quality
  • EtherCAT interface for extremely fast communication, minimal cabling and low failure rate
  • Safety function STO (Safe Torque Off)
FlexiCAM’s Advanced Control System (ACS) features an intuitive touch screen interface. Just as easily, the machine functions can be managed and monitored.
  • CNC user interface with complete machine operation via touchscreen
  • Special screens for operation and technology
  • Interactive graphical user interface
  • Extensive help functions
  • Customizable
  • Optional machine control panel (MCP), handwheel, keyboard with touchpad, jogbox
The FlexiCAM Advanced Control System (ACS) features a workstation-level industrial touch panel computer with 17-inch SXGA TFT LCD display and is perfect for factory automation and more industrial applications. This ruggedized system offers an industrial-grade resistive touch panel PC with IP65/NEMA 4 sealing.
  • 17″ SXGA TFT LCD display
  • LGA1155 socket for Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, Celeron® & Pentium® processor
  • System Memory (RAM) up to 16 GB
  • HDD or Solid-State-Disk
  • 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 and 4x COM ports
  • 2x Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps
  • Optional Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n module
  • Robust aluminum with IP65 compliant front bezel design
  • High EMC protection and temperature tolerance
  • Windows 7 Professional (other OS on request)