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The FlexiCAM Stealth provides exceptional value for the money.

It is engineered with rigid steel construction all throughout, with a single piece base frame and coupled with FlexiCAM’sAdvanced Control System (ACS) or an industry standard Siemens or Fanuc control system. The Stealth is great for a medium to heavy use production of aluminum composite panels.

The system comes with automatic tool change spindles up to 12 KW, either with a stationary linear or ride along tool changer, allowing for more flexibility without the need of multiple manual spindles.

The FlexiCAM Stealth’s work table can accommodate all popular composite sheet sizes and comes in many work areas up to 2 m x 11 m with 200 mm (optional 280 mm) clearance

It is a machine that fits your market, without the need for another machine for different applications, thereby significantly reducing your costs and enhances investment for other projects.

The FlexiCAM XL is a heavy duty and high-performance work horse with single piece base frame offering many different work areas up to 2.5 m x 11 m.

It is designed and tested for shops with high production requirements and is capable of 3- to 5-axis machining using the FlexiCAM Advanced Control System (ACS) or an industry standard Siemens or Fanuc control system.

With Z clearance from 200 mm to 400 mm (Z stroke up to 480 mm), a large range of spindles of up to 25 KW, single or dual rotary tool changer, C axis with saw and grooving disc aggregates, etc. the FlexiCAM XL is a great solution for all types of demanding wall cladding applications aluminum composite, no matter if aluminum panels with a PE core, low-flammability mineral-filled polymer corepanels like ALUCOBOND® PLUS or the non-combustibleALUCOBOND® A2panels with its mineral-filled core.

The FlexiCAM XL is also capable of machining sophisticated metal composite materials (MCM) featuring skins of copper, zinc, stainless steel or titanium as well as many other materials.

The FlexiCAM XL has guaranteed efficiency and it can be fitted with almost all options available from FlexiCAM including controlled C-axis, high volume dust collectors, pressure foot, popup pins, inkjet marking or label printer, loading and unloading systems and much more.

The FlexiCAM XXL is a large format modular design CNC router.

This machine is ideally suited for machining large format aluminum and composite panels in markets like recreation vehicles, caravan & mobile homes, truck & trailer manufacturing, isothermal containers as well as boat building or aerospace. Another popular application in panel fabrication is the pendulum processing which is an efficient way to manufacture panels and to keep the machine cutting at all times. The machine bed will be be split into 2 virtual work areas so that a sheet can be processed on one work area while the operator unloads the finished parts reloads a new sheetin the other zone. Automatic switching of the zones, the vacuum hold down, popup pins is fully integrated into the control system and CAD/CAM software to ensure for seamless, continuous production..

The FlexiCAM XXL comes with the FlexiCAM Advanced Control System (ACS) or an industry standard Siemens or Fanuc control system.

With many available options such as multiple carriages or gantries, automatic tool change spindles up to 25 KW with single or dual rotary tool changer, high performance chip extraction systems, controlled C-axis with saw and grooving disc aggregates, inkjet marking or label printer, loading and unloading systems etc., you will be able to exponentially increase your production.


With a wide variety of available optionsyou will be able to exponentially increase your production:
  • Automatic tool change spindles up to 25 KW with automatic tool length sensor
  • Single or dual rotary as well as linear or ride along tool changers
  • Controlled C-axis for saw and grooving disc aggregates
  • Soft-touch (floating) aggregates for milling, drilling, sawing and grooving operation
  • Multiple manual and/or automatic tool change spindles on pneumatic slides or separate Z axis for fast tool change
  • Pressure foot chip extraction system
  • High performance chip extraction systems for aggregates (C-axis)
  • Inkjet marking
  • Automated label printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Pendulum mode with two work areas for uninterrupted machining while loading & unloading
  • Automated loading and unloading systems
  • Powerful vacuum table solutions with manual or automatic zoning, automatic vacuum on/off and switch over in case of pendulum mode
  • Pneumatic steel popup pins for easy material alignment
  • Misting system (MQL)
  • CE compliant safety package using safety laser scanner or light barriers


FlexiCAM’s software solutions for efficient facade builders
Today, a facade is much more than the external delimitation of buildings. The customer increasingly expects dynamic architectural elements, intelligentproperties and high aesthetics. In order to meet these requirements, optimal system support is required. With COBUS you get software that was speciallydesigned for the requirements of facade construction. The solution combines efficiency with convenient handling. There are hardly any limits to the design andvariability. The modern CAM system also integrates data from CAD and ERP. It ensures that processes across departmental boundaries are consistentlymapped. This saves time, effort and material costs across the board.
  • These are the main advantages for your company:
  • Smooth transfer of information from CAD and ERP
  • Automatic generation of machine-neutral CNC programs
  • There are no limits to the choice of material:
  • processing of fiber cement panels, ACM or HPL
  • Material-saving nesting for efficient cuts
  • CAD / CAM system is based on know-how in the facade construction industry
  • Saving of time and material
  • Significant reduction in sources of error

Integrative CAD interfaces for a perfect data flow
Our CAM software for the facade construction industry has intelligent CAD connections with which a smooth flow of data is always guaranteed. Synchronizationwith applications such as SolidWorks, HiCAD / Helios, PSP / Vault, Teamcenter, Inventor and ePlan is possible. Depending on the format, it is possible to transferboth geometric and structural data.

Material-saving nesting
The nesting module enables individual parts with any geometry contour to be nested. Since cutting and finishing are intelligently combined, significant materialsavings can be achieved. The detailed setting options of the solution are almost unique.

Reports on the nesting results
The nesting module calculates both the required elements and the degree of waste. The actual and target components are clearly displayed in the nesting result. Overall,the module is very easy and convenient to use.


While standard tools can be used for many materials the tool life time and overall throughput may be very limited when machining modern non-combustible panels with mineral-filled core such as ALUCOBOND® A2.

FlexiCAMoffer a wide range of specific diamond tooling for machining mineral core ACM panels considering a long tool life and high performance.

For ACM folding applicationsFlexiCAM offers a line of saw blades and grooving discs with a 90 and/or 135 degrees groove specifically engineered for quality results in terms of finish quality and extended tool life. These saw blades and grooving discs are designed for use on FlexiCAM spindle aggregates using a controlled C-axis and a high-performance chip extraction system.

For simple ACM cut and fold applications, straight and V-grooving diamond cutters(90 and 135 degree) are available. These tools are specifically engineered to be used on ALUCOBOND® A2or similar products and will produce excellent results and tool life.


FlexiCAM CNC routers machines are optimized for a wide range of aluminum and metal composite panels from all major manufacturers such as Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM) & Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM):
  • E-PANEL™

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels


Aluminum Sandwich Panels / Corrugated Core Panels


Metal Composite Materials (MCM)

  • Copper Composite Material (CCM)
  • Stainless Steel Composite Material (SSCM)
  • Titanium Composite Material (TCM)
  • Zinc Composite Panel (ZCP)

Fibre Cement Boards & Panels


High Pressure Laminate Panels (HPL)


Lightweight Display Board