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Aluminum Stack Machining Solutions for Aerospace

FlexiCAM recently installed a 3-axis machining center, measuring 3.2 by 2.2 meters and featuring stack machining capability, for an aerospace company. This company specializes in producing complex components for leading commercial aircraft manufacturers.

Stack machining is a process where multiple layers of material are machined simultaneously. This technique is especially beneficial in the aerospace industry, where large quantities of identical components are often required. By machining several layers at once, stack machining significantly reduces production time and costs while ensuring uniformity and consistency across all parts. The FlexiCAM’s ride along carriage dual axis detagging system allows stack machining providing the client with the ability to produce large batches of components quickly and efficiently.

Machine Specifications and Features

Spindle: The machining center is equipped with 18.5kW spindle, capable of reaching 20,000 RPM. This high-speed spindle is ideal for precision machining of aerospace components, offering both power and versatility for a variety of materials and complex geometries.

Table: The machine features a cast iron table with a thickness of 170mm, providing a stable and vibration-free platform essential for maintaining high precision and accuracy during machining operations.

Tool Change System: The linear tool change system is mounted at the rear end of the base frame, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime by enabling quick and automatic tool changes.

Vacuum Pump: A Becker oil-lubricated vacuum pump is included to secure the workpieces firmly in place during machining, ensuring accuracy and safety, particularly when handling intricate aerospace components.

Ride Along Carriage Dual Axis De-Tagging System: This system facilitates the quick de-tagging of cutting parts, streamlining the post-machining process and minimizing manual handling, thereby increasing productivity and reducing the risk of damage to delicate parts.

Protective Bellows: Protective bellows are installed on all axes to shield the machine’s moving components from dust, debris, and other contaminants. This protection is crucial for maintaining the longevity and performance of the machine, especially in an environment where precision is paramount.

Linear Scales: Linear scales on all axes ensure precise position feedback and accurate machining. These scales help maintain tight tolerances required in aerospace manufacturing by providing real-time data on the position of the machine’s components.

Safety Features: The machine is surrounded by a safety fence, ensuring a secure working environment by preventing accidental access to the machine’s operational area, thereby protecting operators from potential hazards.


Overall Benefits to the Client

Cost Savings: The advanced features and automation capabilities of the FlexiCAM machining center reduce manual labor and machining time, leading to significant cost savings in production.

Higher Quality: With precise control over machining parameters and stable workpiece handling, the client can achieve higher quality and consistency in their aerospace components.

Scalability: The machine’s ability to handle large batches through stack machining and detagging system allows the client to scale their production to meet increasing demand without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Reduced Downtime: The efficient tool change and de-tagging systems minimize downtime, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted production.

The machining center enhances client’s manufacturing capabilities, supports their growth, and maintains their competitive edge in the aerospace industry.

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aluminum stack machining solutions for aerospace
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