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COBUS NCAD allows for a consistent process operation. Over the years, our well-established and effective software system has become very popular. Even by running only one machine, our software solution pays off. Save time, minimize errors, and generate machine-readable programs at the touch of a button.

Minimal programming effort thanks to the automatic CNC program generation, whether you run an entire production line or a single machine. We particularly focus on multichannel concepts. All operators are working on the same surface which allows for easy substitution. The expertise of every single employee is stored at one stop and consequently available for other staff. Result: High flexibility and the opportunity to deploy your staff in the most efficient and flexible way, as well as a more efficient workload. A close connection to the market leading software companies allows for a flexible data exchange.

CAD/ CAM for the woodworking industry

For more than 25 years we have been offering an efficient CAD /CAM software solution characterized by its unique service to guarantee an efficient control of all kinds of CNC technology, as well as an efficient manufacturing strategy. Our solutions always meet the latest requirements and create significant added value, but cause only a minimum of the usual purchase costs. Benefit from an easy user surface and quick CNC programming.

Save your knowledge. The most important task is to save all your knowledge. CNC master data is one of the most important concerns in the woodworking industry. Save your employees expertise by using COBUS NCAD and ensure the control of the processing center as well as the control of your plant.

Individual performance. Numerous options transform the basic system into a cunning tool kit meeting all of the necessary requirements of the woodworking industry. It is up to you: Chose either industry related characteristics or individual adjustments of the work environment. User friendly dialogs include field-tested input assistants which safely guide you through the system.

COBUS NCAD CNC Programming Starting at Batch Size 1
One Programming Solution for All Your Machines
COBUS NCAD Highlights
In Focus: Increased user-friendliness.
COBUS Nesting
Professional nesting software.

Tried, tested and approved. With more than 20 years of success under its belt, COBUS NCAD has a proven track record providing customers with a userfriendly, powerful programming tool to control all of their CNC machines.

One Programming Solution for All Your Machines

Routing, drilling, sawing and filling – applying and running these machine jobs is quick and easy. Display dialogs for powerful macros come with useful in-built help graphics to let you know what each setting does and allow you to be confident in your work. And to help with repetitive tasks, you can set up your own custom macros and save them to the macro library to be used when you need them later on.

Because of its compatibility, COBUS NCAD also helps with reducing workforce and software costs. Think about it: One system controls every CNC machine and all of the necessary data is sent directly to production through COBUS NCAD. So there is no need to spend additional time training employees on how to use a variety of other software programs. The danger of becoming overly specialized and reliant on only one machine type will be a thing of the past. And learning to navigate and use the software is easy, even for beginners, thanks to the use of modern day .NET technology to build the user interface.

NCAD also helps you keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. For example: Imagine you have added a new CNC machine to your production line. With NCAD running on your system, your current CNC data is easily transferred to the new machine, saving you time and money and allowing you to immediately perform maintenance requests. And since you are able to see a graphic representation in 2D/3D of the CNC, work piece and applied machinings you get a better sense of the operation and its security. Software knowledge and CNC programming data rank as some of the most important resources a company can have in the woodworking industry. COBUS NCAD takes and stores these resources, guaranteeing control and maximizing efficiency of your machining centers and production lines.

Tried and Tested, Reliable and Efficient

  • Unsurpassed user-friendliness
  • Proven, industry specific macros
  • Useful inbuilt help graphics
  • Autosave feature: regular backups while working
  • Free design and import of drawings
  • Point and click design interface
  • Controlled inner arch radius
  • Incorporates established WOP interface features
  • Customized to fit the needs of each individual machine manufacturer
  • Import existing CNC programs (woodWOP, IMAWOP, Biesse XNC, …)
  • Postprocessors for every machine make and control
  • Fully automatic CNC program generation
  • Feed rate adjustments for corners and small radii
  • Material specific feed rates
  • Feed limitation: Postprocessor sends a warning when feed rates are too small or too high
  • Extensive drilling macros
  • Timed 3D simulations reduce unproductive test runs
  • Adjusted optimizations and mounting aids for each machine type
  • Multi-axis compatibility ( 5 axis)
  • No need to program multiple CNC machines
  • Reduced interface costs; all data goes to production via COBUS NCA
If you simply want to program directly at the CNC machine, then the COBUS WOP machine interface is right up your alley.
Available Options
  • COBUS edge banding
  • COBUS automatic pod positioning
  • COBUS automatic clamp positioning
  • COBUS automatic tool management
  • COBUS work piece placement manager
  • COBUS optimal free form nesting
  • COBUS 3D simulation with collision control and mat
  • COBUS NCAD; The CAD/CAM built around a custom
  • COBUS interfaces with software from other industry
  • COBUS solutions for door, window, countertop and cabinet manufacturers
  • COBUS import tool data from the machine
  • COBUS integrates with ERP-/CAD-systems
Compatible with all Popular Numerical Controls

Revolutionary and efficient are just a few of the words that describe what COBUS NCAD can do for CNC programming. With COBUS NCAD, you do not have to rely upon the performance of the machine interface. One system is able to handle all of the work… saving you time and money.

Focus On User-Friendliness, Icon Dialogues With Easy Handling

Continuous expansion and development of the dialogues include a great number of parameters. Extensive help graphics ensure clarity and support for the users. Every parameter of a dialogue comes with its own help bitmap

The selected pictures appear as soon as the cursor is placed within the relevant parameter box.

Tooltip in Textview

In the text view you can see the parameters of dialogue page 1 and its values. The value parameters are visible without opening a dialogue. This eases programming work..

General Symbols

The macro,NCADIcon” helps you to show a symbol at any spot of the construction. Additionally, you can put in several lines of text, which will be displayed as a tooltip. Thus, you will get aware immediately of important details or errors.

Testing The Tool Radius

When creating routing programmes the radius of interior curves will be controlled, if the tool path correction is switched on. If the curve radius is too small compared to the tool radius, a symbol is shown as a warning.

Parallel Display Of Two Graphic Views

How can you be sure that all programming requirements have been met and that the construction is correct? The extended window administration provides visual support: Displaying two graphic views at the same time you can look at your work piece – from above, from the front, sideways – and you can immediately verify that the CNC programme is correct.

Automatic Error Prompt

If an error is reported using COBUS NCAD, this will automatically be forwarded to COBUS NCAD Support. The system packs the files concerned automatically and sends them via email. Errors can thus be swiftly identified and corrected.

Autosave Backup Copies

The function,Autosave” allows you to make backup copies within a definable time schedule (e. g. every 10 minutes) to ensure as little loss of data as possible in case of a system error or crash.

Remote Maintenance

Remote maintenance can be called up directly via the internet: Without installation of an extra tool, and without problems with firewalls. The customer defines when a connection is to be initiated. Unintentional access is therefore not possible.

Variable Auxiliary Geometry

Every design draughtsman knows about the use of auxiliary geometries, which avoid having to calculate the coordinates of points of intersection. So does COBUS NCAD. The auxiliary geometries are made of lines, curves, circles and rectangles. All points of intersection between the elements are calculated automatically and variables are allocated. The geometry itself can then be created based on these variables. This makes them automatically „variant“, i.e. if the measure of the auxiliary geometry changes, this has an immediate effect on the result.

DXF Import – Importing bigger DXF Files

These functions optimize the NCAD DXF and DWG data import:

  • Graphic preview before import. All graphical elements are displayed on the layers selected for import
  • Complete conversion of the AutoCAD default colour table (ACI = AutoCAD Color Index)
  • Import of AutoCAD texts with unicode characters, superscript/subscript etc.…
  • Import of AutoCAD hatches
  • Automatic conversion of splines into lines and curves for CNC production
  • Optional combination of line segments to reduce the size of the created FMC file
  • Export of separate FMC files from blocks defined within the DXF/DWG drawing
  • In COBUS NCAD it is easier to process routings based on combined lines due to the optional sorting of graphical elements
  • Elements are automatically switched in such a fashion that theleft lower corner of the rectangle lies at (0,0), optionally plus a processing measure. The user manually indicates the scaling factor. Then, the automatically calculated workpiece size is inserted into the workpiece.
Conversion of CAD to CAM (circle/borehole)

CAD circles can be converted into boreholes. To achieve that you mark circles in an area, which will then be converted to boreholes. The allocation of the depth of the borehole has to be done manually.

Linearisation Postprocessor

Much time and money can be saved with automated processing for repetitive tasks and identical production. But if you want to run a special production and make an individual alteration, you have to break up the normal system of rules. For this task you need the linearisation post processor. It solves complex and/or variable loop constructions. The individual processing or the processing of the sequence can then be changed. This grants great flexibility for your work, without having to adjust the configuration files for each and every special part.

Rectangular And Circular Pocket

In COBUS NCAD there are various standard input options for rectangular and circular pockets. Thus the user may chose, whether the pocket is to be cleared or if only the rim is to be routed. Running direction (parallel feed/counter rotation), clearing from „outside to inside“ or from „inside to outside“, flying plunge as well as a smoothing measure can be defined. Circular pockets will be cleared spirally. The graphic displays immediately, whether the pocket is routed completely.

Extended Boring Optimization

These functions make boring optimization and use of boring bars really powerful:

  • Optimal boring algorithm
  • Even bore holes from subsurface can be optimized
  • Efficient functionality of boring cyclii
  • Rotatable boring bars are supported
  • Identical boring positions of holes are processed with optimization
In the manufacturing industry, nesting refers to the process of laying out cutting patterns to minimize raw material waste.

The key component of the nesting process is a fully integrated software solution. COBUS Nesting is a highquality software that allows for waste minimization and the processing of individual shapes.

COBUS nesting is an all-round talent offering various imports, a combination of drilling and milling as well as automatic label printing. In the end, COBUS Nesting saves material costs and time.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Nesting library (64-Bit)
  • Nesting of construction files
  • Calculation of necessary raw panels
  • Calculation and display of scrap
  • Display of current state and target state of the components in nesting
  • Automatic scrap management
  • Automatic label printing
  • Data transfer from flexible parts lists and ERP-systems
  • Data transfer from Excel
  • Plug-in options for customized add-ons
  • Processing segmentation (e.g. horizontal processing)
  • Calculation of the processing sequence
  • All-automatic CNC program generation

Your benefits: Save time and money!

Save Time

Based on Microsoft® .NET COBUS Nesting has been developed from scratch. The result is a user-orientated, clear, and intuitive surface. The fast 64bit nesting library operates in the background. Our nesting software generates order-related and mostly automatic CNC programs considering all the information of the individual component such as grain angles, step angles, and machining definition.

Data import

A brand new feature is the direct import of a nesting component from DXF files with a layered structure. Moreover, this feature allows for the integration of the production order from an ERP system importing individual components combining them to nesting orders (depending on material).

Nesting strategies

Sawing and drilling are nesting strategies formatting individual components. The milling cutter initially pre-mills edges, short and straight segments, and the arcs of the outer contours. Tool optimization considers the rotation angle, if required. Common-Line-Cutting minimizes the separation cuts considering the common milling paths. This saves up to 30% of your time. Ridge milling completely avoids the outer contour. Customize the starting point according to your individual requirements. The Guillotine cut ensures the efficient distribution of rectangular panels provided that the mill is able to make rectangular cuts.

Documents and labels

In order to manage the distribution of panels, the program generates all the necessary documents. Customize and print your reports such as material notes, drafts or statistical evaluation. In case you remove components from stock,the software automatically generates barcode labels. In order to manage the distribution of panels, the program generates all the necessary documents. Customize and print your reports such as material notes, drafts or statistical evaluation. In case you remove components from stock, the software automatically generates barcode labels.