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Machine Tables

T-Slot-Table (Extrusion)

Aluminum extruded T-Slot for the mechanical hold down

T-Slot-Vacuum-Table (Regenerative Blower)
  • A combination mechanical hold down as well as the additional benefit of being able to use just vacuum to hold down a part.
  • These type of tables typically get zoned into smaller areas and use 1 or 2 regenerative blowers.
T-Slot-Hybrid-Table (High Pressure Grid)
High Pressure Table with Grid (Phenolic)
High Pressure Table, flat, for Vacuum Pods (Aluminum or Phenolic)
Solid-Aluminium-Table (Threads)
Solid-Aluminium-Table (High Pressure Grid)
Solid-Aluminium-Table (T-Slot)
Cast-Iron-Table (machined as per customers requirements)
Custom Machine Table and Jigs