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Index (3+2) and simultaneous 5-axis milling. For turbine wheels, blades, ports milling.
Tilted working plane (TWP)
g68.2 / cycle800 / plane spatial
Automatic and manual local CS transformation for 3+2 machining
Tool center point management (TCPM)
G43.4 / TRAORI / M128
TCPM mode for continuous 5-axis machining

Ultimate 5-axis programming workflow

Rest material handling

SprutCAM always keeps the workpiece updated live within the operations sequence to optimize the toolpath and avoid air-cutting.

Every subsequent operation detects the workpiece in the state it was left by previous operation.

Thus the machine time is kept optimized.

On the screenshot,the green color is the part itself and orange is the current state of the workpiece.

Ultimate 5-axis machines programming workflow

Machine kinematics consideration

SprutCAM takes into account the machine kinematics with all its limitations when the toolpath is calculated.

The simulation automatically commences in the background immediately after the toolpath is calculated. The user can avoid any collisions that may occur without having to switch to Simulation mode.

Thus the CNC programming workflow is very streamlined and takes much less time; especially for multi-axis programming.

Equipment safety: collision control during tool path calculation
SprutCAM takes into account machine the axes limits for initial tool path calculation. There is no need for post processing and separate simulation for collision and axis limits control.

5-axis toolpath suite
Multiaxis machining toolpaths.

8 strategies for toolpath control

 parallel to horizontal plane
 parallel to vertical plane
 parallel to 3D plane
 parallel to curve
 across curve
 morph between two curves
 morph between two faces
 around rotary axis

7 strategies for tool axis control

 normal to surface
 to rotary axis
 through the point
 through the curve
 perpendicular to the toolpath

Special 5-axis solutions

SprutCAM has a comprehensive set of 5-axis strategies. Enough to solve any 5-axis machining task.