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Stackmachining / Detagging

Stackmachining / Detagging Aluminum Stacked Sheet Cutting with the FlexiCAM Pressure Foot, Detagging Option and High Velocity Chip Extraction System FlexiCAM’s Pressure Foot and Detagging Option allows machining stacks of aluminum sheets without the use of traditional concepts of fixing the stacks by drilling and riveting or screwing. During the first machining step, the Pressure …

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Other Options

Other Options Increased Z Clearance & Stroke Heavy Duty Gantry Extended Gantry Full Enclosure Air Conditioning for Electrical Enclosure Automatic Central Lubrication Linearscales Bellows Standalone Machine Console Touchpanel-PC Handwheel Machine Control Panel (MCP) Multiple Workareas / Alternating Processing Helical Racks Turbo Option High Precision Option Machine Measurement and Calibration with Laser Interferometer Thermal Compensation

Safety Options

Safety Options Safety Light Curtain Safety Laser Scanner Safety Machine Guards (mesh panels) Safety Mats Safety Bumper CE-Package (mandatory for machines installed in Europe)

Material Handling

Material Handling Automatic Material Loading / Unloading Automatic Material Unloading (Scraper) Automatic Table Cleaning (Sword Brush) Automatic Table Cleaning (Vacuum Sweeper)

Measuring and Digitizing

Measuring and Digitizing Laserpointer for Digitizing and Setting of Origin 2D Contour Scanner Touchprobe for Workpiece Measurement Printmark Scanner and Compensation i-Cut Vision Pro 3D Laserscanner (Reverse Engineering) Barcode Scanner (1D & 2D) Toollength Sensor


Productivity Wide Carriage with Multiple Aggregates or Spindles Multiple Carriages (with fixed, manually or automatic adjustment of spacing Multiple Gantries with Collision Detection Multiple Spindles / Aggregates on Pneumatic Slides Pneumatic Part Locator Pins (Popup-Pins) Laser Projector Rotary Axis (A or B axis) with Optional Tail stock Multiple Rotary Axis, optional with Multiple Spindles Motorized …

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