FlexiCAM » Installed 3-Axis CNC machine for processing aluminum, plastic, and nylon materials.

Installed 3-Axis CNC machine for processing aluminum, plastic, and nylon materials.

FlexiCAM recently installed a 3-Axis XL 20120 horizontal CNC machining center with size 2x12m, equipped with a 16-kW liquid cooled spindle and an automatic fast speed rotary tool changer with up to 12 positions. The machine is fitted with four vacuum pumps to provide suction hold down capability to the cnc machine. It is designed and custom built for processing aluminum, plastic, and nylon products.

Main applications of the newly installed machine


The FlexiCAM’s newly installed machine is capable of processing aluminum materials. Aluminum is a lightweight non-combustible material with good non-ferromagnetic properties and strong heat conductivity. Due to its environmentally friendly properties, it is widely used in all spheres of life for different purposes. In the construction industry, it is commonly used for preparing doors, windows, sidings, curtain walls, ceilings and other materials.


The XL machine can also be used to produce plastic components. Plastic has a large number of applications in different industries. Components from the automotive and aerospace industries, including pump gears, valve seats, etc are prepared from plastic. Similarly, medical equipment such as syringes, cardiac implants, catheters, insulin pens etc are some of the products in the medical industry which are prepared from plastic.


The XL machine is a suitable CNC solution for preparing components from nylon/polyamide materials. Nylon machined components are widely used in the electrical, automotive, and other industries due to their excellent abrasion resistance, with high hardness properties. It is frequently used to make gears, pump blades, bearings and other nylon components because of its lightweight and wear-resistant capabilities.

Technical Specifications

Work Area

X-Axis: 12m

Y-Axis: 2m

Z-Axis: 200mm


Power: 16kW Liquid Cooled

Maximum Speed: 24,000 rpm


Rotary Tool Changer: 12 positions

Vacuum Pump: 4X Busch Vacuum Pump

Operating Software: Alphacam

Controller: Siemens 808D

Drive System: AC Servo Drive System

Table: Dual vacuum and clamping table

Dust Control: Dust Extraction System


Used for: Aluminum, Plastic, and Nylon