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Sinumerik 808D Advanced

Sinumerik 808D Advanced

The perfect, pre-configured CNC for basic, standard machines with outstanding performance.

Three-year warranty*

After the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED CNC system has been delivered, if there are quality issues during the warranty period relating to components, such as the CNC, servo drive, motor or cables then Siemens will replace the part and the associated on-site service is free-of-charge.

*Standard warranty period: 24-months from first delivery of equipment package from Siemens factory.
Extended warranty period: 36-months from first delivery of equipment package from Siemens factory, when registration is completed within the standard warranty period.

Machine Tool Systems
Siemens your partner for machine tools

A strong partner for the machine tool environment

SINUMERIK CNCs have been setting standards in the machine tool market for more than 50 years. With the power and innovation of a unique and experienced development team in the industry, Siemens is there to ensure that highly productive machine tools can also be implemented in the future based upon SINUMERIK CNC systems. In addition to innovation, quality is first and foremost, and based on continuous improvements in development, production and test processes, we ensure maximum availability of software and hardware products.

Global organization

With a closely meshed network of sales, service and training locations, as well as international production facilities, Siemens Machine Tool Systems is optimally organized to globally market machine tools. Here, our own Technology and Application Centers (TACs) prove our technological expertise, and secure the ergonomics of our CNC software in practical use. Additionally, Siemens is the pioneer when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency as Siemens Machine Tool Systems plays a leading role when it comes to energy-efficient equipment for machine tools.

SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED, the entry-level CNCs for basic standard machines

With SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED, the latest CNC technology is now available for basic standard milling and turning machines. It goes without saying that Siemens also ensures that entry level CNCs have the maximum degree of robustness. This means that coated electronic boards and assembly under strict German quality guidelines are an absolute must. With over 50 years of experience in CNC technology, SINUMERIK CNCs guarantee maximum machining performance. In fact, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED continue this long tradition by offering the latest CNC system architecture, as well as proven CNC features. Since SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED is member of the SINUMERIK family, machine tool operators will enjoy the benefits of fullycompatible CNC operation and programming.

Small, robust, simple…simply smart. Robust and user-friendly

Thanks to a panel-based CNC design, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED reduce the number of sensitive system interfaces to a minimum. Together with an IP65 degree of protection at the front panel, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offer a long service life, even under harsh environmental conditions. In addition to the robustness, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED sets itself apart as a result of its user-friendliness. Mechanical keys guarantee maximum convenience when entering parameters on a daily basis − and hotkeys and softkeys make CNC operation absolutely intuitive. Lastly, data can be transferred via the USB port on the front panel. What is really important in machining environments, full IP65 degree of protection is guaranteed when the front cover is closed.

Pre-configured for basic milling machines

With the milling version, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED Milling is the perfect fit for VMCs. Thanks to Advanced Surface, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED Milling can also be used to machine basic mold-and-die parts. As a result, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED have an unbeatable price-performance ratio when it comes to equipping basic standard machine tool applications for milling.


Optimal scalability in the entry class

  • Up to 5 axes / spindle
  • 1 machining channel
  • Drive bus communication
  • Auto Servo Tuning (AST)
  • Broad variety of software options

Scalable CNC performance

SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offer a broad performance range for entry class machines. With the drive bus technology, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED together with SINAMICS V70 and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 guarantees a high system performance. Both, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED, offer a high cost-performance ratio for basic standard machines.


The powerhouses behind the scenes

  • Rated torque 1.9−40 Nm
  • Drive line input 400V
  • Up to 300% overload
  • 2 encoder-options: Incremental encoder with 2,500 ppr; Absolute encoder with 20-bit resolution
  • Motor speed up to 4000 rpm
  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Degree of protection IP65


SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED, in conjunction with SINAMICS drives and SIMOTICS motors, are optimally designed to address the requirements of basic standard turning and milling machines.

High dynamic performance and precision for basic lathes and milling machines

Packed with innovative CNC features, SINUMERIK 808D and SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offer an unbeatable workpiece accuracy and cutting efficiency, which is generally only expected from more sophisticated CNC systems

Maximum precision and accuracy

As a result of the 80-bit NANOFP accuracy, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offers a calculation accuracy in the nanometer range – far beyond what even a high-end machine tool can achieve. Both CNCs also feature an intelligent jerk limitation function. This bellprofile acceleration characteristic not only guarantees smooth path behavior, but also reduces the stress on the mechanical system of the machine. As a result, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED guarantees maximum workpiece precision.

High-resolution position feedback

As a result of the 80-bit NANOFP accuracy, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offers a calculation accuracy in the nanometer range – far beyond what even a high-end machine tool can achieve. Both CNCs also feature an intelligent jerk limitation function. This bellprofile acceleration characteristic not only guarantees smooth path behavior, but also reduces the stress on the mechanical system of the machine. As a result, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED guarantees maximum workpiece precision.

Prepared for mold-and-die

Mold-and-die applications are the biggest challenge for milling machines. In order to allow free forms to be machined, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED features state-of-the-art Advanced Surface with innovative Look Ahead algorithms and dynamic compression of linear and circular blocks. This means that perfectly smooth work piece surfaces can be achieved when carrying out line-by-line milling of molds.

High Speed

The SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motor has a maximum speed of 4000 rpm, so that axes can be operated up to their physical limit. Thanks to the 300% overload capability of the SINAMICS V70 drive and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motor, faster acceleration and deceleration are possible with SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED. As a result, the non-cutting operating times of basic machines are reduced and higher productivity is achieved.

Intelligent machine optimization

With the proven Auto-Servo Tuning (AST) function, users can easily optimize the machine using the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED system. By selecting the tuning strategy, the CNC and drive parameters are automatically optimized according to the machine condition. Thus, basic standard machines can be optimized to address applications demanding a high dynamic performance.

Protection for man and machine

The drive-based Safe Torque Off (STO) function prevents the unexpected machine movement by double-channel protection which complies with the European Safety Standards (CE, SIL3). SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED together with SINAMICS V70 means that this safety function can now be integrated in basic machines.

Sinumerik Operate

Operation just like a PC
The basic SINUMERIK Operate user interface for SINUMERIK 808D Advanced has many helpful features — providing the same look-and-feel as a PC

Easy communication via USB or Ethernet

Machine commissioning and part program management become quite easy with the high-speed USB and Ethernet interface. For instance, series machine commissioning can be simply carried out by using a USB stick, and part programs can be managed at a PC.

* Ethernet interface only available for SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED

PC-style file handling

With SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED, part programs in a linear memory and names in the form of cryptic numbers are thing of the past. Part programs can be allocated meaningful names and the CNC memory can be easily structured by using sub-folders — just the same as for a PC.

Convenient shortcuts

In order to open the most commonly used HMI screens, such as the tool offset list or the Program Manager, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offers hotkeys on the operator panel. Furthermore, HMI features are linked to convenient shortcut keys. With Ctrl+P for instance, screenshots from the HMI can be stored as bitmaps on the memory stick or Ctrl+S generates a complete CNC system backup file.

Optimal support for day-to-day operations. – Intelligent JOG

The common JOG mode is certainly not adequate when it comes to preparing the machining job. As a result, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offers additional intelligent JOG features — a graphically-supported tool and workpiece probing and cutting cycles. These allow blank parts to be prepared without having to create a part program. Also simple machine functions, such as coolant on/off or the selection of the spindle gear, can be managed without having to key in cryptic G codes.

Tool handling

Precise tool data handling is very important in order to guarantee maximum process reliability. As a result, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offers clearly structured and intuitive tool handling. Tools are displayed with easy-to-understand tool icons, and tool wear data can be entered to ensure the high work piece quality.

Best onboard support with startGUIDE

StartGUIDE in SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED provides support from engineering and production through sales to operation and programming during all process steps of the machine. The startup wizard of startGUIDE features a graphical interactive wizard for machine commissioning.

The sales wizard supports the machine tool sales by showing a slide show with sales arguments for SINUMERIK CNCs as well as the machine. The operation wizard teaches users how to operate SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED with the help of a graphic guide.

Perfect in all CNC programming styles

Different operators request different CNC programming styles. On one hand, operators still use the ISO-style CNC programming. On the other hand, certain industries, such as the automotive industry or simply operators who need more flexibility and technological features, request a more modern CNC programming language. To address these demands, SINUMERIK 808D/808D ADVANCED features two different styles of CNC programming.

ISO-style CNC programming

SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offers the common ISO code programming language. This allows operators familiar with other ISO-based CNC systems to quickly make a transition to SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED. In addition to the standard G codes, such as G01, G02, canned cycles like G81 or G74 are also available. If an operator requires more technological features, the standard ISO codes can be mixed with high-level SINUMERIK CNC commands. This makes it easy to explore and understand the wealth of technological features provided by SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED.

SINUMERIK high-level CNC language

In addition to the standard ISO codes, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED offers the SINUMERIK high-level CNC language, which has established itself around the world. This extends the technological scope as well as the flexibility. In addition to standard G codes, meaningful CNC commands for calculations and coordinate transitions are provided. A wide range of technology cycles is available in the form of program Guide BASIC. Fully graphic input screens perfectly support the entry of technology cycle parameters

Technology cycles for turning

In order to fully leverage the technology of lathes, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED features a best-in class turning cycle package. A wealth of functions are integrated, such as machining standard contours, grooves and thread undercuts, cutting of various thread types — and even a powerful contour stock removal cycle. These cycles allow the optimum performance to be obtained from turning machines with just a few parameter settings.

Maximum technology and CNC programming support

With a wide range of technology cycles, SINUMERIK 808D/808D ADVANCED offers a best-in-class technological performance. CNC programs can be very efficiently generated thanks to intelligent help features such as a contour computer and powerful CNC program simulation

Technology cycles for drilling and milling

When it comes to drilling and milling operations, SINUMERIK 808D / 808D ADVANCED is a top performer. Boring, centering, drilling, thread milling, pocket machining are no problem! There is even a machine cycle to support parameter input for high-speed mold & die applications. And the best is yet to come: drilling and milling operations can be linked to a variety of position patterns, and of course, with graphic input screens.

Contour computer

Using an integrated contour computer, even complex contours can be directly created at the CNC without requiring a CAD/CAM system. A pocket calculator is not required since the contour computer calculates partly defined contour elements automatically.The sales wizard supports the machine tool sales by showing a slide show with sales arguments for SINUMERIK CNCs as well as the machine. The operation wizard teaches users how to operate SINUMERIK 808D / 808D ADVANCED with the help of a graphical guide.


In order to guarantee maximum process reliability, SINUMERIK 808D / 808D ADVANCED offers a powerful simulation routine. With its ”solid graphics“, the simulation perfectly displays how the blank part is machined and material is removed.

The simulation can be used to check the program prior to and during machining in order to display the tool path when it is difficult to see the machining operation, for example, as a result of coolant or spray mist.

Best-in-class operator support — onboard as well as offline

With a context-sensitive onboard help, SINUMERIK 808D/808D ADVANCED offers a unique feature to learn, explore and simplify state-of-the-art CNC machining operations at the push of a button. Thanks to SINUMERIK 808D on PC, CNC learning and offline programming can be done conveniently on a PC. Customers can also choose from a variety of training materials that they are interested in.

Context-sensitive onboard help

The times of having to sit in front of the CNC flipping through a lot of paper are now gone. SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED provides comprehensive context-sensitive on-board by just pushing the info button on the operator panel.

Multi-media training material

There is a variety of options that operators have when it comes to learning about SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED. A tutorial video and a well-organized training document that explains step-by-step how easy it is to get from the drawing to the finished part.


SINUMERIK 808D on PC offers learning, training and offline programming at the desk. A real SINUMERIK CNC kernel and a real SINUMERIK Operate BASIC operator interface allow fully fledged CNC operation and CNC programming. With its fully operable software-based machine control panel, SINUMERIK 808D on PC has the same look & feel as a real machine. And what makes it especially interesting is that SINUMERIK 808D on PC software can be downloaded free of charge!

Technological expertise

With an extremely well-qualified team of machinists, trainers and service engineers, Siemens helps to optimally set up machining processes and keep productions running smoothly at top speed.

SINUMERIK training

SITRAIN offers professional training for operation, programming, commissioning and maintenance of SINUMERIK controls in more than 50 countries around the globe.

On-site service and support

Our service and maintenance technicians are always available to keep your productions running smoothly. Their excellent technical training and quick response times ensure that machine downtime are kept to a minimum. Our global experts can be found by visiting:flexicam.com

Siemens Sinumerik 808D Advanced Technical Information

Mechanical DesignPanel-based
Operation with SINAMICS V60 and SIMOTICS S-1FL5via pulse / direction interface
Operation with SINAMICS V70 and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 via drive bus interface
Maximum number of axes / spindles5
a 10V analog interface for spindles
CNC user memory1.25 MB
Additional CNC user memory on USB stick
Display size (TFT color displays)7.5″
PLC adaptation controlS7-200-based
Standard data transfer RS232C
Standard data transfer via USB
Standard data transfer via Ethernet
Number of digital I/O72 / 48
Tool probe interface
Axis functions 
Acceleration with jerk limitation
Dynamic Servo Control in the drive
Feed motor, max. speedUp to 4000 rpm
Drive and motor overload capabilityUp to 300%
2500 ppr Incremental encoders are supported
20-bit absolute encoders are supported
Interpolating axes, up to (turning / milling)4-Mar
Straight line, circle, helix
Thread cutting with constant or variable pitch
Rigid tapping
Advanced SurfaceMilling
Look Ahead, number of blocks (turning / milling)Jan-50
Synchronous axis pair (gantry basic)
Face / peripheral surface transformation (TRANSMIT / TRACYL without Y axis)
SINUMERIK synchronous architecture 
Asynchronous subprograms ASUB
Backlash and leadscrew compensation
Bidirectional leadscrew compensation
Friction compensation
Number of tools/cutting edges in the tool list, up to64 / 128
Driven tool for turning
CNC operation 
T, S, M function in JOG
Graphic guided tool / workpiece measuring in JOG
Block search with calculation (T, S, F, M, position)
SINUMERIK 808D on PC (can be downloaded free of charge)
CNC programming 
SINUMERIK CNC programming language with high level language elements
ISO code CNC programming language with canned cycles
ProgramGUIDE BASIC (technology cycle support)
Technology cycles for drilling, milling and turning
Contour computer
2D CNC simulation and simultaneous recording (real-time simulation)
Onboard optimization and diagnostics 
Context-sensitive onboard help system
Onboard signal and network diagnostics
Onboard servo and drive optimization (AST)
Onboard drive commissioning and diagnosis
Service planner
Safety functions 
Safe Torque Off (drive-based)
Open architecture 
Customized HMI extension (Easy XML)
User cycle