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Stackmachining / Detagging

Aluminum Stacked Sheet Cutting with the FlexiCAM Pressure Foot, Detagging Option and High Velocity Chip Extraction System

FlexiCAM’s Pressure Foot and Detagging Option allows machining stacks of aluminum sheets without the use of traditional concepts of fixing the stacks by drilling and riveting or screwing.

During the first machining step, the Pressure Foot is used for pressing down the stacked sheets in order to avoid gaps in between. While getting cut, the parts will be held by small tags (“bridges”) to prevent from moving.

In the second step, the Detagging Ring is used to press and hold down in place the stack of previously machined parts while the tags are being removed.

By using the FlexiCAM Pressure Foot &Detagging Option there is no longer a process of intense labor required such as manual drilling, stacking and unstacking, manually cutting parts out of the sheet and grinding the tags away. The parts are ready for use after machining with increased edge quality and accuracy compared to traditional ways of stack machining.

The FlexiCAM Pressure Foot also utilizes the FlexiCAM High Velocity Chip Extraction System to extract the chips and prevent from scratching the material.