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Vacuum Table Options

Rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil-free
  • Dry running rotary vane pumps need a very minimal amount of maintenance, making them perfect for a lot of shops.
Rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil-free, with integrated inverter drive
Rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil-lubricated
  • Oil filled pumps require more maintenance and servicing but operate at higher vacuum pressure and operate with less noise, they do operate cooler, which can be a benefit in some climates
Claw vacuum pumps, oil-free
Regenerative Blower
Pump Management System
  • Duplex or triplex stand to stack second / third pump on top of each other with Pump Management
Vacuum Monitoring
Automatic Vacuum On/Off
Manual Vacuum Zones
Automatic Vacuum Zones
Reversing Valve
Vaccum Pods