FlexiCAM offers Vilmill, a substrate laid between the work piece and the vacuum table of a router. Vilmill has an integrated adhesion layer on the top side which is getting activated during the routing process. When vacuum suction is applied, the fiber structure of Vilmill acts as a diffuser and increases the holding power of a vacuum table. The combination of adhesion layer and the vacuumprovides an excellent material holding down even the very small work pieces. After the material is completely processed, the work pieces can easily be removed.

Vilmill allows a wide range of materials such as aluminum, plastics, glass fiber and carbon fiber, brass, copper, composite materials or similarto be used in the machining process.

Since the limiting factor is no longer the fixturing of the work pieces, Vilmill allows a much higher feed rate, even for small and delicate parts.

The need for reworking, as well as the reject rate is getting reduced by using the Vilmill concept since work pieces remain securely in place. Since no fixtures need to be used,the work pieces can be positioned closer together, resulting in optimized utilization of the material and therefore reducing costs.

FlexiCAM offers complete Vilmill solutions consisting of special vacuum table with automatic zoning, high speed spindle(s), dust collection system, tooling, etc.